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Provider Payments for the Modern Era

Imagine a world where Providers are paid like all other modern service industries.

The Provider Reimbursement Process is Stuck in the Stone Age.

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It's inefficient, expensive, burdensome.

It requires a lot of work by Providers just to get paid.

Rather than fixing the problem, Providers use "band-aid" solutions offering artificial efficiencies and a flawed process.

And, with the patient taking on more of the cost for care, Providers are asked to do MORE with LESS!

SIMPLICITY makes Provider payments easy.

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It's easy, convenient, complete. SIMPLICITY ...

Runs on existing networks.

Delivers the Provider a complete payment at the time of adjudication.

Removes Providers from the patient collection process!

How does SIMPLICITY work?

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Your patients sign up for SIMPLICITY as part of their benefit plan offered through their Employer.

You provide service to these Patients and send their claims to their Plan as normal. No changes to network or coverage!

Receive a complete payment that includes both the Benefit and Patient portions at the time of claim adjudication.

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